About The Lord of Glencoe

The Melia ancestry can be traced back to the 12 century where they were owners of large areas of land in the Papal State of Italy. It was in the late 12, early 13 century that the Melia’s moved to the North West to Fossano and was in 1861, around the time Italy achieved independence, that Vincenzo Melia migrated to Scotland and moved into the small highland town of Glencoe. It was only in the late 19th century, when Richard Melia took ownership of the land in Glencoe, that made him the Lord of Glencoe.

The Much Honoured Richard Melia, Lord of Glencoe did, in 1998 migrate to Australia where he lives with his wife in Sydney. The Glencoe Wood estate is currently managed and maintained by the Scottish Heritage Trust until such time as Richard returns to Scotland.


Richard started school in Germany but came to England in the early 70’s to attend Saint Edmonds Collage in Hertfordshire then Mount Saint Mary’s College in 1977. He then went on to obtain his degree in Business Management.