Glencoe Woods

We along with the community here in Glencoe are doing our part to preserve and maintain this glorious land. We work closely with the Scottish Woodland Alliance (SWA), which was formed to help reverse centuries of deforestation and breathe new life into the Scottish countryside, its wildlife and communities.

Glencoe Wood is currently being actively managed by the SWA, and in addition, it is our intention to improve other areas of Keil Hill both by encouraging the process of natural regeneration and by the planting of a range of native hardwoods. Glencoe Wood is a typical Scottish native wood, such as once filled every glen in Scotland. It is rich with wildlife at all levels, from the treetops to the depths of the soil. The trees bear lichens and mosses which proclaim the purity of the air and ferns, bluebells, wood anemones and other native flowers carpet the forest floor. A wealth of fungi take nourishment from decaying wood and play their part in completing the cycle of life, death and new growth.

Broadleaf woodland like Glencoe Wood are home to a wide variety of mammals, most of which are rather secretive. The brown hare and badger, and in and around the streams that flow through them, otters, and water voles all have their special place in a complex ecosystem. Red deer are also frequent visitors to the wood. But as well as mammals, the Scottish Forest has a wide range of invertebrates, such as the magnificent pearl-bordered fritillary butterfly and birds like the redstart, spotted flycatcher and wood warbler can be seen in the canopy.

Maintaining and enhancing biodiversity is central to our mission. , and the verdant heart of Glencoe Wood has been set aside as a Conservation Area. Whilst this area is available for you to visit, please keep to footpaths whilst walking in this area.

Deforestation over the centuries has left Scotland with only a tiny proportion (about 1%) of land with native woods of ancient origin. We must all address this great loss to the landscape and the biodiversity it supports.